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2017-04-30 04:22 pm

dark soul ocs

i only use this to make posts to remember my fuckin ocs.

rose, hinterlands doctor, came to yharnam ready to sincerely help and to hopefully bring back some knowledge from the healing church to her own home. Whoops.

ingrid, farmer from the fivefinger delta who lived with her wife, died of natural sickness when she was in her late 60s and came back, got sent to the asylum upon going into the city for answers. my "canon" chosen undead.

alita, carim knight captain who worked her whole life for the position to support her old dad and little brother, died in battle alongside her captain and mentor. she came back and he did not. cleric gf did not lift a finger to help her when she was stripped of all titles and sent to the asylum.

aurelie, carim cleric who also worked her entire life to get where she is: well known, well off, respected community leader, and terrified to tarnish her reputation by shielding an undead from the way of white, even if she loves her.

alita's captain. a basket ball coach, but in dark souls. poor dude.
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2016-06-06 09:03 pm

i havent posted in over a month but i have another ff14 oc i need to mark the beginningof

leonie beauchene, ishgardian blacksmith, ditches ishgard for the adveturers life with kyoa'li when he comes to trade with her for the billionth time. she always wanted 2 go and finally leapt on it. she and kyoa'li are shit adventurers.
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2016-04-10 07:48 am

welcome bear

to my personal oc hell
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2016-04-08 06:23 pm

bugs in a bug kingdom for bugs. im a lawyer

moth prince (tentative name: s'fiso), SELF EXPLAINATORY, rosy maple moth. the only boy......

wasp (tentative name: rosa), royal guard & moth's bff, giant hornet

idolomantis (no name), smuggling ring leader f*ck cops get money, devil's flower mantis

spider cop (no name), detective, fucking ring leaders she's supposed to be bringing to justice and getting absolutely nothing, jumping spider

ant, journalist, spider's girlfriend. spider's poor poor girlfriend, trying to bring idolomantis to justice and getting roadblocked by spider every 10 seconds ..... ant. trans and powerful.
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2016-04-08 12:10 pm


how does this shit work..........


vita & tacita

my own ass
??????????? anthy ??????? (dont hold me t2 this)
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2016-04-08 02:14 am
Entry tags:

personal. deep. melodrama baby post

actually im just going to play with these "settings" and "options"
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2016-04-08 02:01 am

j'naah is a tia

im a fucking idiot and i hate seeker naming conventions he can have his dads name too if he WANTS IT
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2016-04-07 07:21 am

oc list

wallnund "bahati" thubyraetwyn, warrior of light, the boiling wave

grinangarr lyngachtwyn, deckhand who dreams of seeing snow, the howling choir

x'lahani iqoh, witch's familiar to be a witch herself, of the shining blood

vachirdai qestir, lonely outcast, the silent fist

tacita het novun, qaestor, no title

vita dus flavius, lictor and former 9th legion centurion, the emerald

kyoa'li jiadjh, young conjurer

leonie beauchene, ishgardian blacksmith and fledgling adventurer

thubyraet, fisherman, father of the warrior of light

blaetwyb (keimfolg), pirate, mother of the warrior of light, the woman of blood

j'naah rahna, lominsian fishmonger, the amber eyed

seaweed guy, god of all things
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2016-04-07 07:09 am

primal au notes

- after hydaelyn's blessing has gone silent
- leviathan summoned without enough forces mustered to launch an attack
- offers herself in exchange for not destroying la noscea
- leviathan accepts if only bc of pride that hes taken one of hydaelyn's chosen
- petty godgrudges are real in ff14 thts what i believe
- half of this is an excuse to think about baha with scales and shark teeth and getting lost enough in self pity to think "this isnt so different from being hydaelyn's champion"
- and having "the boiling wave" be champion of the lord of the whorl bc ocean imagery
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2016-04-07 07:07 am


two guys were the same guy in whitebrim and one punted the other with a sword would that be fucked up or what
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2014-11-09 11:45 pm


i dont know if i'll ever use this to actually post things. maybe if i get the hang of it? it feels like the only reason i'd post would be for content and i dont produce all that much content. hm.